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StrideDeckā„¢ Fitness & Weightloss Treadmill

New!! Stride Deck Climber Only $299.00

StrideDeck Cross Training System

  • Fastest way to lose weight!
  • Exercises all 650 muscles!!
  • Get MORE strength from doing the same exercises!!!
  • Pushing & Pulling has more muscle exertion, burns more calories, and quicker weightloss than from any other exercise
  • Pushing & Pulling is the ULTIMATE for fitness and weightloss with a variety of cardio and intense mountain climber exercises to select
  • Exercises every major body muscle for all around health, fitness, and weightloss
  • Forty different, full-body exercises for all fitness, health, and weightloss goals
  • With 100's upper body routines for total fitness
  • Tightens & shapes together the butt, thighs, legs & stomach




Exercising on a specially designed platform of rollers gives you for the first time ever:

  • Lose Weight faster than from anything else you will find in the gym!

  • Exercises all your 650 muscles!!

  • Get MORE strength from doing the same exercises!!



Pushing & Pulling exercise on a platform of rollers is by far the BEST EVER for Butt, Thighs, Legs & Stomach! Your gym shoes GRIPPING the surface allows your legs to push and pull in which:

  • Pushing & pulling your own body weight uses every butt, thighs, legs & stomach muscle, burns more calories, and exerts more muscle force than from any other fitness and weightloss exercise.

  • Never get in a rut as there are over 40 full-body exercises and 100's upper-body routines to choose to exercise all 650 muscles.

  • Cardio with pushing & pulling is the ultimate killer combo!

  • Pushing & Pulling in one natural, fluid movement, tightens and shapes together every butt, thighs, legs, and stomach muscle!!

  • Pushing & Pulling gives you the natural balanced look as both opposite-paired muscles are exercised to the proper ratio.


From using many fitness equipment and exercises, you are getting some of the benefits from these exercises, but by pushing & pulling the same movements now on these specially designed fitness panels you will get ALL the benefits, greater weightloss, and greater muscle exertion. You will reach your fitness, health, and weightloss goals at a quicker pace!

Pushing & pulling your own body weight is a natural workload. Pushing & pulling gives you more oomph from each butt, thigh, stomach, and leg movement. You are tightening and shaping together all your butt, thighs, legs, and stomach muscles, and burning more calories. You lose weight quicker than other exercises and fitness training! At the same time that you are pushing & pulling together every muscle of your butt, thighs, legs, stomach and the rest of your body, you are quickly reaching your fitness, health, and weightloss goals!

Many Choices, Do Something Different Each Time!

For the first time ever, in just one fitness product, you have the freedom to pick from over forty different, full-body fitness and weightloss exercises targeting all your 650 muscles that strengthens your butt, thighs, legs and stomach from: mountain climber, skating, cross-country skiing, walking lunge, rear lunge, side lunge, intense mountain running, knee pushes and pulls, squats, burbees, and other full-body fitness and weightloss exercises.

Pick the exercise, pick the intensity, and pick the level of weightloss and strength gain! More choices to achieve total fitness!

You can do all these exercises in a full range of pushing & pulling motion and with full force that can also be combined with 100's of upper body fitness exercises, with or without hand weights, resistant bands or straps for a complete fitness package.

More Cardio Than Ever!

Now you get all the benefits from your cardio workouts! The pushing & pulling leg motions combined with aerobic gives you total muscle exertion on your butt, thighs, legs and stomach!

The pushing & pulling gets you fit, quicker weightloss, and focuses on the butt, thighs, stomach, and ALL  leg muscles for total body fitness! Just a few minutes a day of pushing & pulling is equivalent to a full-hour of fitness and weightloss exercises. Pushing & pulling gets you quicker weightloss and sculp your body in less time!!

The addition of the resistance of the rollers, with the extra exertion and workload from pushing & pulling your own body weight, firms and shapes especially your butt, thighs, legs and stomach. The pushing & pulling increases at the same time your strength, stamina, fitness level, cardio, flexibility, balancing muscles, and stabilizers. As well, the pushing & pulling reduces stress, boost metabolism, improves circulation and burns fat, and get quicker weightloss while helping you achieve that trim, tight figure of total fitness!

Very Convenient!

The fitness and weightloss panels are portable, weighs seven pounds each and be set up in seconds. You can create your very own series of pushing & pulling exercises for fitness and quick weightloss on any flat, hard surface in your house.

This advanced pushing & pulling training and Freestyle Workouts and quick weightloss have been used around the world and by athletes of all sports, fitness experts, physiotherapists, rehabilitation & weightloss programs, chiropractors, personal trainers, and more. Pushing & pulling is a great way to get in and to stay fit, lose weight quickly and achieve your dream body of fitness!

The First Time Ever Possible!

This is the first time ever that it is possible to combine many of these weightloss and fitness exercises for your butt, thighs, legs, and stomach effectively, efficiently and with a balanced workload for both opposite paired muscles! The surface of rollers allows you to have push and pull movements. The mountain climber can only be effectively done on this surface. You are pushing & pulling with unrestricted force, speed and power! The rollers give you the force of digging into the surface!

How's It Done?

A very ingenious and simple concept: a platform consisting of rotating rollers with each roller attached to the platform. Each roller is as physically close to each other as possible for a sensation of smoothness! Only by having a surface of rotating rollers that you can push & pull can all these weightloss and fitness exercises be possible to exert at full force!

It's More Exhausting Than It Looks!

You can exert with full pushing & pulling force ALL the many variations of mountain climber exercises and workouts as well as other fully-body fitness and weightloss movements!

There is just enough friction for the rollers not to rotate until your foot or hand pushes or pulls on the rollers with the right amount of force. You are using your own body weight for the pushing & pulling force: a balanced and natural weightloss workload! This way, you are geting twice the fitness workout and quicker weightloss from doing the same movement than from any other exercise: the pushing forward and the pulling backward your own body weight! Double the workload! Lose weight quicker!

The Only One of Its Kind!

The StrideDeck™ fitness and weightloss exercise apparatus is the ONLY one that completely combines all the muscles of your butt, thighs, legs, and stomach, and is fully protected by four U.S. patents: 7,470,219; 7,686,741; 7,819,780; and 7,922,626.

You can ONLY purchase the StrideDeck™ fitness and weightloss exercise apparatus here at this site or at qualified fitness and weightloss vendors registered by StrideDeck Inc.


"StrideDeck is the registered trademark of Cadmar Holding Limited and all other registered marks are the properties of the respective owners and Cadmar Holding Limited acknowledges their rights."